George Whittell's Thunderbird Lodge
Pictures and notes from the  gardeners
The links have mainly pictures and unless you have high speed internet access, they'll be slow to come up, so have patience, they are worth waiting for.
If you have pictures or comments you'd like to add please contact Cornelia
If you'd like a larger file of a picture for printing, please email me with the file number and I'll email it to you. At the end of the gardening season, I'll burn CD's of the pictures on this site and all the pictures I've taken. If you'd like one let me know. CK
The notes from Diane  and Ginny contain many helpful hints and suggestions for our Tahoe Gardens.
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Now that you've seen how much fun we have
and how rewarding the "work" is, won't you please join us.
To apply as a volunteer and member of George Whittell's Thunderbird Lodge Preservation Society click on the thunderbird icon below and select the volunteer link and the membership link.

Remember, all garden volunteers must become members of the Preservation Society, please submit your dues as soon as possible. If you plan on being a gardener this year (and we really need you!) please join the society. If you don't I can't consider you a garden volunteer. This is for insurance purposes.  Also, all garden volunteers must attend the mandatory volunteer meeting in early June.
Toni Fauver
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Gardeners - new and seasoned - please note the dates on your calendar:

If you are a newly certified Master Gardener this is the perfect garden to hone your skills and accrue hours for continuing certification. Most of the gardeners are UNR Master Gardeners.

Upon arrival, sign volunteer sheet located in lighthouse garage next to the bulletin board. Include travel time in hours.  First time volunteers will work
with a seasoned gardener to learn the ropes.

Weekly general duties include: watering containers, planting beds where needed & newly planted trees/shrubs/flowers not on regular irrigation.

“Chain Gang Work” : removal of dead tree branches & manzanita shrubs,
soil erosion work.  You can water or weed if you choose not to do C.G. work.

Bring your newly sharpened hand tools of choice, gloves, hat and sunscreen
along with a sack lunch each week.  Gardeners are requested to wear a T.Bird
Lodge tee shirt, long sleeve denim shirt or sweat shirt.
All for sale at the museum store at the Lodge.
Support the preservation of the Thunderbird Lodge, a historic site, by becoming a member.
Please come out and join us as we continue to beautify the grounds on the estate of George Whittell Jr.'s Thunderbird Lodge. 
Nearly half of our volunteer staff are certified Master Gardeners,
so not only do you have a wonderful place to garden on the lake, you may pick up a pointer or two from these well educated and enthusiastic gardeners.  Besides all that, it's fun.

Hello Fellow T-Bird Gardeners,

It's almost time for the 2012 Thunderbird Lodge garden season to begin - like next week!    We need to get going with spring cleanup as soon as possible because Thunderbird Lake Tahoe tours start a little earlier than usual on May 22.

Please sharpen and clean your tools, bring your rake, trowel, pruning shears, etc., and come out to help in the Thunderbird garden Monday, May 7 at 10:30 am.   Just a reminder - if you have not already paid your volunteer dues, please bring a check that day.

Our work day for the season will be Monday, as usual,  with the exception of holidays.  Additional watering days will be Wednesday and Friday as needed. The schedule for May-June is as follows, unless Mother Nature changes it:

   May 7 -   10:30 am - Spring cleanup & watering if necessary
    May 14 - 10:00 am - Spring cleanup & watering
    May 21 -   9:30 am - General garden maintenance, watering &
                                    Garden Volunteers meeting
    May 28 -                  Memorial Day - No work - Garden closed
    May 30 -                  Time to be determined due to tours - watering
    June 4 -    9:30 am - Planting of the Pots - All hands needed on this day

A more detailed work schedule will be available for you when you come to the garden.

Despite our best efforts, we were unable to muster more than 5-6 gardeners for the planned Kick-Off- the-Season party at Christy Pappas' home April 25 and had to cancel it. We will set another date when more gardeners are able to attend..... we just can't go without our customary luncheon and all the fun that goes along with it! Many thanks to Christy for all her efforts planning the luncheon and emailing the crew.

Looking forward to seeing you at the TBL for another great gardening season and can't wait to hear what you have been doing over the long, cold winter.

Any questions?  Just email me.

See you in the garden,

Ginny Lewis


Share your gardening talents, send an email photo of your favorite spot in your own garden to Cornelia to post on our T.Bird web site! 
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Notes from Ginny
George Whittell's Thunderbird Lodge Gardens
Everyone agrees gardening in and around Lake Tahoe has it's challenges.  For the most part we are all still experimenting with "what grows here"!  The Thunderbird Lodge's gardens are no exception.  They are evolving through trial and error just like our own.
Sharing your "trowel and errors" as Lauren Springer says will help others in the same situation or at the very least, comfort those who have faced the same challenges. Email me those pearls of wisdom and I'll pass them along to our fellow gardeners.  Making confident gardening decisions makes for a happy gardener!

Herb and Spice

Heart Rock
Herb and Spice

Here's a link to a happy visitor's blog about her Thunderbird  experience:

In September I received a wonderful tour under the great guidance of Tim Callicrate.  Our time at Thunderbird resulted in this entry as well as another more general one on the lodge (which I wrote for my trip blog.

As a gardner I am sorry that I don't visit Incline Village more frequently and for longer spells so that I could take a turn in helping.

Being from West Virginia, we have very different worries as gardeners.  You probably worry more about water while I am constantly weeding. I count on rain for almost all my garden's water but I must count on daily doses of elbow power and Mudd (brand) gloves to keep weeds in check.

Thank you for the care your team obviously gives to the historic garden. I hope to return on another visit to my children who live at Incline.
yours,  Nellie Howard
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